Known as the “City of the two Seas”, Trapani is located on the Western point of Sicily, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Channel of Sicily. In addition to its natural beauties, Trapani takes its charm from its ability to keep cultural and historical traditions.

The town, placed under Mount Erice, faces the natural wonder of the Aegadian islands, visible from land. The promontory, the antique marina and endless beaches of white sand, like the famous San Vito lo Capo, are characteristics of this Western province of Sicily.

The centre town can be easily visit by foot and you will discover many churches, for example the Chiesa di San Francesco d’Assisi, the Chiesa of the Cappuccini, the Chiesa del Purgatorio and the Chiesta di San Pietro. The Cathedral dedicated to San Lorenzo is amazing and so is the street Garibaldi, with its beautiful buildings like Palazzo Ricco di Morana and Palazzo Milo.

Do not miss the Natural Reserve of the Saline, in the area between Trapani and Marsala, a real oasis of peace offering unique natural scenarios.