The Island of Vis, one of the Croatian Islands,  is characterized by a beautiful preserved nature, an ecological agriculture and a well preserved traditional architecture. Vis has always been the island of fishermans and vine grower. The fishing is so important that in the city of Komiza exist a fishing museum, a direct evidence of the history of this island. Probably the Greeks were the first to plant the wine in Dalmatia. The most popular wine of the Dalmatia, in fact, is the Vugava made in Vis. Is easy to find this type of wine in each restaurant of the island.

The Wwf considers Vis as the last natural paradise of the Eastern Mediterranean sea, with its sea bottoms full of lobsters and the best fish of the Adriatic sea.

The wonderful crystal clear waters, hidden beaches, lagoons, small islands, friendly owners of appartements and private houses, in addition to the historical and natural heritage, are the reason why this island became one of the most preferred destinations for those who want to enjoy of an unique atmosphere and a fantastic experience.