Sailing charter

Recommended to 
All peoples, sailors and also for those who are not passionate to sailing vacation. Recommended to peoples who want to sail and enjoy the creeks and the harbors with charming restaurants, those who want to meet other people with cabin charter. Not recommended for those seeking only peace of mind, unless you rent the whole boat

Required sailing experience 
No one

Lowest age 
If the boat is rent by the same group children are allowed

Cabin Charter
It is available both double cabin and the berth

Normal risk 

Technical clothing
A good windproof jacket, woolly hat, cap, sunglasses, sweatshirt and sailing shoes

There aren’t particular problems, it’s not recommended to bring too replacements, the available space is small and there are not socialites dip down every night

There is no limit, but not too much

Towels and sheets
Provided on board

Electricity supply on board

Where to sleep
At the harbor in order to visit the historical places,  at anchor in order to take benefit from the sea and the beautiful panoramas; however being able to get off to the ground with a comfortable tender

Additional charges

Who cooks
The crew

On board there are the first aid medicines and all the typical medicines for problem due to the sea,  before leaving  you have to communicate to the skipper any needs 

Mask, wetsuit and fins