Santorini is one of the most popular island of the Cyclades and a destination chosen by many sailors and travelers every years. Its history and geological features make Santorini different from the other Cyclades islands.

This Island of the Greece is characterized by the little white houses located on top of the cliffs overlooking the sea. Due to its name of being a touristic resort, Santorini had to developed all the necessary tourist activities and  therefore today it can offer to people a top ranked vacation. 

Santorini boasts many beautiful beaches and wide spaces to swimming and praticing water sports everywhere. Kamari is a dark sandy beach, it is too hot during the summer and is not ideal for the children because it is dirty and the sea is very deep. Close to Akrotiri there are two picturesque sandy beaches. The first one is the pink beach, one of the most beautiful hidden beach of Santorini placed close to the extraordinary volcanic landscape of Mavro Rachidi. The other beach is called Aspri Paralia, the white beach. This beach is accessible only through the sea and it can offer a relaxing and peaceful swim. A sightseeing to Pharos (the lighthouse) is unmissable. Next to the volcano there's the thermal beach, full of sulfur and with hot waters useful for the skin. Other importants beaches are Perivolos, Perissa, Monolithos and Vourvoulos.

One of the most important things to visit in Santorini is the settlement of Akrotiri.

This island is also the perfect island for those who want to spend fantastic nights in the clubs and live the Greece until the first hours of the day.