The Bahamas - The places of your holidays on a sailing yacht and catamaran

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The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a island country formed by 700 islands and islets. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and located in the central America.

Only thirty of its coral islands are inhabitated; they are mainly composed by calcium carbonate, which is produced by the organisms of the coral reef. The Bahamas boasts the third longest coral reef in the world, the longest system of underwater caves and the clearest water of the entire world.

Moreover, it owns a rich marine and terrestrial biodiversity. Here, many species of whales and dolphins live, as well as 109 species of different birds and 120 species of trees. All this natural beauty is protected within the 25 national parks and protected areas, which are characterized by several landscapes with different features, such as mangrove swamps, sand hills, wide beaches, caves, pine forests and palms.

The Bahamas boasts a tropical savannah climate, it is characterized by two main seasons: the humid one and the dry one. During the first, there are often downpours and storms which usually take place during the night or the late afternoon.

Under the economic point of view, the Bahamas islands boast a strong economy based on agriculture, supported by a temperate and gentle climate during the whole year. Fishing, especially of shellfishes,  is very common in order to export its products. Finally, the tourism is also higly developed.

Visitors are attracted by the amazing and wonderful landscapes of this heaven on earth, where the key-words are relaxing and enjoying natural wonders. Nothing can unsettle you during a vacation on the beautiful Bahamas islands.