Paklinski Islands

The Paklinski Islands or Pakleni islands are placed in Croatia, in front of the island of Hvar. This archipelago is made up of 16 islands and the biggest is Sveti Klement, also called the Big Island. The Paklinski Island boasts a very indented coastline formed of limestone and therefore is difficult to find sandy and pebble beaches. The only sandy beaches are located in Vinogradisce bay (Sveti Klement), Zdrilca beach (Marinkovac) and Vlaka bay (Vlaka). In these bays you can enjoy of  the sandy sea bottom and the colors of the sea and taste the typical cooking of the many restaurants in Vinogradisce bay.

In Paklinski Islands the inhabitants pay attention to maintain the beautiful atmosphere in harmony with nature in order to offer to the tourists a fantastic and unique experience. The best way to visit the Paklinski Islands is to get around the different harbors with a taxi boat. The islands are an important destination for the sailing lovers, who can have lunch and dinner in the beautiful coves and bays, swimming in the crystal clear waters and being involved in many water sports such as kiteboarding, skiing, diving and snorkeling.