Bonaire - The places of your holidays on a sailing yacht and catamaran

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Bonaire is a Caribbean island in front of Venezuela’s coasts.

Its territory is almost homogeneous: the northern part is dominated by some small mountain ranges, among which Mount Brandaris’s peak (240 m) emerges; on the contrary, the southern part is almost levelled. Goto Lake is located in the mainland and forms an amazing stretch of water populated by flamingos. In order to preserve the local lush flora and the animal species, in 1969 Parque National, a natural reserve, was established. The coastal zone is safeguarded too, in order to protect the wonderful coral reefs and the colourful tropical fishes.

Bonaire has a tropical climate, characterized by high average temperature during the whole year. The rainy period lasts from October to December.

The island was discovered in 1499 by Alonso de Ojeda and occupied by the Spaniards, who enslaved the indigenous population, the indios. Afterwards, in 1936 Dutch people bought the island and started salt production.

This latter is still one of the main economic resources of the country next to tourism. Tourism plays an important role in the local economy. Bonaire attracts visitors and travellers thanks to its natural beauties and amazing landscapes and its dry climate. Scuba divers and snorkelling lovers will find here their paradise: for many years Bonaire has been recognized as one of the best destinations to dive. Finally, also windsurfers won’t be disappointed: Lac Bay, a suggestive little bay, provides the ideal conditions to practice this kind of water sport.