After Zagabria, Split is the second biggest city of Croatia and represents the main departure point to visit the dalmatian islands. Its name comes from palatium, because of the wonderful Diocletian palace built in the city center. Split faced to the Adriatic sea and surrounded by the mountains of Dinara.

Today Split is quite like a museum due to all the different styles coexisting in the architectural buildings that made up the background of the city life: Roman ruins, Byzantine archs, Venetian boardwalks and other African influences. In 1979 the UNESCO, put the name of old town of Split into the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Split can offer an extended range of things suitable to everyone, including history passionate, fashionable and cooking lovers. Split is popular for the Diocletian palace, a stronghold consider one of the most majestic of the world, but this city boasts also art galleries, open-air market, shops and, above all, some of the most attractive clubs of the Europe.

During the Split Festival, a growing number of events take place in the city and the huge number of tourists that have choosen this destination in the last years brought to an improvement of the Hotel and hostel facilities.

A stay in Split is considered an interesting and pleasing experience.