Balearic Islands: cruise sailing and catamarans

Are you looking for a fun holiday, maybe with a bit of nightlife, but also with blue sea and pristine beaches during the day? The Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea are the perfect destination for your holidays! Discover them on a sailboat or catamaran, cabin charter or whole boat. Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca are wild at night, but they can also offer pristine bays, crystal clear sea and complete harmony with nature during daytime. 

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Relaxation and transgression go hand in hand peacefully in the Balearic Islands, an extremely popular holiday destination for young people in Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. But the Balearics do not just mean nightclubs and wild parties in Ibiza. Discover them on a sailboat or catamaran, on a cabin charter or whole boat cruise, and you will find there is also a peaceful and pristine side to this splendid archipelago. Formentera, Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca also offer bays and coves where nature and silence reign supreme and the sea is crystal clear, ideal for a dive directly from the boat. In the evenings get off the yacht for dining in a restaurant on the islands, visit the typical villages or take part in the wild Ibiza nightlife. Thanks to the cabin charter option, your sailing holiday will be absolute fun; on the yacht or catamaran you will meet other guests willing to experience a relaxing vacation and fond of the sea just like you.