Gavino Crasta

Gavino Travel expert

He was born in Ozieri SS. the 14/04/54. He is the owner of Sardinia Cat, a society of rental and charter of catamarans. The activity began in 1990 in Sardinia and in 2000 we took part in the building of the 100 meters long catamarans jetty of La Spezia. This jetty is an unique structure in Italy exclusively for multihulls like rentals, schools, and moorings rental.

I usually work together with all the boatyard that build these yachts, bot French and Italian.

From 2013 my aim is to make well known to everyone a regatta trimaran multi 50, called Trilogic. This yacht is a perfect speed machine built with the latest technologies.

Trilogic is available to take part in some of the most important races of the Mediterranean sea, otherwise attempting a new record. In addition, we are able to organize tailor-made events for companies and privates, which want to try the emotion of racing on the water thanks to the wind, and faster than the wind

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