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Caribbean, Martinique - Union Islands | Cabin charter cruise one way | New Year

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Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Martinique, Martinique - Yacht: Sun Odyssey 51 / Ipanema III

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New Year's Eve sailing trip Martinique - Union Islands devoted to the total relax. We will sail for 10 days to the fascinating Grenadines in order to visit the most beautiful places of each island. A sailing vacation characterized by an easy and quiet navigation.

A unique one way cruise from Martinique to Union Islands passing through  St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Bequia, Tobago Cays, Petit St. Vincent and Palm Island. Once arrived to the Union Islands we will come back to Martinique by plane.

A free itinerary, in fact, you can choose day by day together with Carlo where to go and how much time spending on the island or in a specific bay. In the case of cabin charter the destination will be the same, the Union Islands. For a group that will fill up the whole yacht it will be available to come back to Martinique by sailing and takes the plane directly from there.

Visited places


  1. from Martinique to St. Lucia

    from Martinique to St. Lucia

    Arrival to Martinique and a night in order to see the yacht. The day after we will leave for the first island of our journay: St. Lucia.

    Visited places

    Day 1
  2. St.Lucia


    The most suggestive landscapes of St. Lucia are the two volcanic peaks of Pitons.

    The small coastal villages of fishermans are surrounded by banana's plantations and coconut palms, hidden in some deep valleys covered by a lush jungle.

    This indented land continues till the sea, where the lovers of the snorkeling could find an underwater paradise made up of mountains, caves and steep cliffs.

    Visited places

    Day 2
  3. from St.Lucia to Saint Vincent

    from St.Lucia to Saint Vincent

    Saint Vincent is a pleasant island but is quite out of the way. The other 30 islands and atolls that compose the Grenadine are among the most popular cruise destinations of Caribbean.


    Visited places

    Day 3
  4. from Saint Vincent to Bequia

    from Saint Vincent to Bequia

    Saling from St.Vincent to Bequia.

    Visited places

    Day 4
  5. from Bequia to Union Islands

    from Bequia to Union Islands

    Six wonderful days in order to get around the fantastic Grenadine islands characterized by crystal clear and blue waters. After a looking of the landscape of St. Lucia and St.Vincent, now you can devote your days to an incredible blue sea which is perfect for diving, snorkeling and boat. The inhabited islands are more than ten, however, they are less populated and less developed.

    Although, some of the Grenadine islands, such as Mustique and Palm Island, are frequented by many rich people and Vips; others, such as Bequia and Union Island, draw the attention of many old sea dogs and globe-trotter from every country of the world. The clubs and the restaurants settled on the beaches will make you live the wonderful rhythm of Caribe.


    Visited places

    Day 5-10