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Cabin charter sailing cruise | Grenadines and Tobago Cays, Caribbean

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Martinique, Martinique - Yacht: Bavaria 49

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An amazing sailing cabin charter vacation and cruise to sail towards the most beautiful islands and beaches of Grenadines and Tobago Cays, lapped by the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea. During this wonderful sailing trip with cabin charter treatment, you'll discover unique and untouched places, wild beaches and stunning coral reefs inhabited by several colourful tropical fishes.
Sailing is the best way to enjoy the hidden treasures of the Caribbean Sea and admire the magical inlets and the sandy and pebbly jagged coastlines. The embarkation of your dream cabin charter cruise is scheduled at the Port of le Marin in Martinique, and the disembarkation at Saint Vincent, a French overseas department, you'll reach then Martinique again with a direct flight.
Sun, sea, relax, turquoise waters with fish and turtles, barbeques on the beach are waiting you. Do not miss the chance and enjoy this unforgettable sailing trip to the Grenadines and Tobago Cays: nothing will disappoint you!


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  1. St.Lucia


    Departure from your country and arrival in Martinique.

    Arrival at Fort-de-France in the last hours of the afternoon and trasfer to the marina of Le Marin in the south of the island. Accommodation on board and then Pinha colada and lobster for everybody in order to feel the Caribbean atmosphere. Maybe during the night we will set sail to St. Lucia.

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    Day 1
  2. St. Vincent

    St. Vincent

    This day is completely used as a day of sailing.

    Departure at first light to get to St. Vincent. We will sail along the west coast of the island and we will stop many times in order to swim.

    We could spend our night at anchor otherwise if we are not too tired we can carry on till Bequia (12nmi).

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    Day 2
  3. Bequia


    A greatly balanced mix of distance, accessibility, development and value for money. Bequia is the most perfect island in the Grenadines.

    Stunning beaches, comforting accommodation facilities and a pretty laid-back way of life help to create an unforgettable environment. There are fine-dining restaurants, local traditional shops and enough gold sand and blue water to satisfy the most demanding beach and sea lovers.

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    Day 3
  4. Canouan


    Canouan is a pretty interesting place for both its historical and beauty reasons.

    This fascinating hook-shaped island boasts some of the brightest beaches in the Grenadines, as well as some of the most concealed hiding places. On the other hand, it offers one of the biggest resorts in the area and this might be perceived as a little bit clashing.

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    Day 4
  5. Union island

    Union island

    Union Island makes you feel like being in the outmost spot of the country.

    The small harbor city of Clifton boasts a pretty rough flair. You can spend your day wandering on the short main street and explore the surrounding hills and the coastline. It’s an important mooring location for yachts. The local airport operates regularly and excursions to the Tobago Cays are also available. Nightlife here is just ok.

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    Day 6
  6. Mustique


    You can’t say nothing else than “Wow!” about Mustique. First of all, it’s an incredibly beautiful island, with great beaches and all the rest you can expect to find in heaven. Prices makes it really classy: super-rich people like movie and music stars choose it for their high-end vacations. It’s definitely the playground for billionaires. The island is managed by the Mustique Company, which makes sure that this secluded heaven will stay the same in the years to come.

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    Day 7
  7. The most suggestive landscapes of St. Lucia are the two volcanic peaks of Pitons.

    The small coastal villages of fishermans are surrounded by banana's plantations and coconut palms, hidden in some deep valleys covered by a lush jungle.

    This indented land continues till the sea, where the lovers of the snorkeling could find an underwater paradise made up of mountains, caves and steep cliffs.

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