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Cabin charter cruise in the Maldives | Baa & Raa sailing holiday

Sailing holiday in catamaran - Cabin charter - Maldives, Malè Atoll - Yacht: Eleuthera 60

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A cabin charter sailing vacation on board of a catamaran Eleuthera 60, no less than in the Maldives, a pearl of the Indian Ocean. The last paradise on earth, there is little to add! Unspoiled nature, clear sea, kindness of the inhabitants have meant that the Maldives are officially candidates to the final of the competition for the 7 natural wonders of the world. The crystal-clear waters are ideal for snorkelling: a few locations like the Maldives are in fact able to give all the beauty and charm of the submarine, as if it were a beautiful underwater museum. This catamaran charter cruise is ideal to appreciate these wonders, sailing from atoll to atoll and feeling the sea.

What are you waiting for? Jump aboard our catamaran and enjoy your holiday in the tropical paradise of the Maldives!

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  1. Hulhumale’ (North Male’ Atoll) – Kuda Bandos Sand Bank o Kuda Wataru Sand Bank

    Hulhumale’ (North Male’ Atoll) – Kuda Bandos Sand Bank o Kuda Wataru Sand Bank

    Boarding in Hulhumale at 2 pm and sailing towards Kuda Bandos Sand Bank or Kuda Wataru Sand Bank. The day will be spent snorkelling, swimming and completely relaxing on the beach. Overnight at anchor. 

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    Day 1
  2. Kuda Bandos Sand Bank – Kuda Wataru (Sand bank)– Boduhithi Finolhu (North Male’Atoll)

    Kuda Bandos Sand Bank – Kuda Wataru (Sand bank)– Boduhithi Finolhu (North Male’Atoll)

    Breakfast and 1 hour navigation to Kuda Wataru, a splendid stretch of white sand perfect for snorkeling and total relaxation. Lunch on board sailing to Boduhithi Finlhu with another beautiful beach. At 5 pm it's on to the lagoon in Ziyaaraiy Fushi where dinner will be served in front of a spectacular view. Night sailing (8 hours) to Goidhoo atoll which will be reached around 6.30 am to discover a real paradise. 

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    Day 2
  3. Shahjahan Sand bank( Goidhoo Atoll) – Innafushi

    Shahjahan Sand bank( Goidhoo Atoll) – Innafushi

    Welcome to paradise! Shahjahan and its long white sand expanses and crystal clear waters, where you can swim along with mantas with a bit of luck. After lunch the boat will moor in Innafushi, a small uninhabited island. Afternoon dedicated to water sports and beach relax. Dinner on board at anchor. 

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    Day 3
  4. Muthaafushi (Baa Atoll)

    Muthaafushi (Baa Atoll)

    In the morning we'll head to Muthaafushi that we'll reach after around 4 hours sailing. Visit the enchanting uninhabited islet, enjoy long swims, snorkeling and kayaking. Dinner and overnight at anchor. 

    Visited places

    Day 4
  5. Maarikilu (Baa Atoll)– Meedhoo –Raa Atoll

    Maarikilu (Baa Atoll)– Meedhoo –Raa Atoll

    Sailing to Maarikilu, another splendid islet set in a lagoon and sorrounded by lush tropical vegetation. At 5.30 pm short navigation (around 30 min) to reach Meedhoo, a charming local village with a typical modern flair. In the evening stroll in the crowded streets of the village. 

    Visited places

    Day 5
  6. Kotte Faru – Vandhoo –Rasmaadhoo island (Raa Atoll)

    Kotte Faru – Vandhoo –Rasmaadhoo island (Raa Atoll)

    Breakfast and navigation (around 2 h 30 min) to Kotte Faru, a tiny little islet. Lunch on board and short sailing to Vandhoo, a charming islet which is perfect for snorkeling. In the late afternoon sail for about 30 min to Rasmaadhoo island, where there is a small typical local village. Mooring. 

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    Day 6
  7. Dhoragail – Gemana Finolhu (Raa atoll)

    Dhoragail – Gemana Finolhu (Raa atoll)

    After breakfast we'll reach Dhoragail uninhabited island where we'll stop for a vist of the sorrounds and long swims. Lunch and then on to Gemana Finolhu set in a splendid lagoon and sorrounded by coral reef. Mooring and overnight in the lagoon. 

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    Day 7
  8. Funadhoo, Unoodhoo, Vandhoo, Kendhoo

    Funadhoo, Unoodhoo, Vandhoo, Kendhoo

    About 2 hour sailing separate Vaadhoo from Funadhoo. Tour of the island and the fishing village, full of local traditions. In the afternoon it's on to Unoodhoo and its beautiful lagoon. Overnight at anchor.

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    Day 8
  9. Royal Island Sand bank– Eydhafushi ( Baa Atoll)

    Royal Island Sand bank– Eydhafushi ( Baa Atoll)

    After breakfast we'll reach Royal Island sorrounded by a magnificent coral reef and white sand. After lunch we'll sail to Eydhafushi, a small local village where you can have fun exploring the island. Dinner on board and after midnight the night navigation will start, crossing the channel and reaching the atoll situated north of Malé

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    Day 9
  10. Eriyadhoo or Cuculu sand bank

    Eriyadhoo or Cuculu sand bank

    After breakfast we'll reach Eriyadhoo or Cuculu where you can go snorkeling in the marvellous coral reef. During lunch the catamaran will move to Kuda Bandos and Sinam Sand Bank to continue on to Hulhumalé, arriving around 6 pm. Overnight on board. 

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    Day 10
  11. Hulhumalè


    Disembark at 7 am. 

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    Day 11