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Ulysses Route | Cabin charter sailing cruise | Stage 2

Sailing holiday in catamaran - Cabin charter - Italy, San Felice Circeo - Yacht: Lagoon 500

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Second half of the mythical Ulysses' trip, calling at different stops in Italy and Greece.

You will embark in San Felice Circeo to sail off and discover the stops of Ulysses along the Italian and Sicilian coastline. After more than one month of sailing and 1250 nautical miles, you will arrive in Ithaca just like Ulysses did about 3000 years ago.

Departure from San Felice Circeo (Italy) and arrival in Ithaca (Greece).

Visited places


  1. from Cape Circeo to the Mermaids Island

    from Cape Circeo to the Mermaids Island

    Departing from San Felice Circeo, we will sail towards the Mermaids Island, where according to Omero in his Odyssey, Ulysses had to resist from the charming chant of these mythological creatures. In Capri, you will have to forget about timing and rush and immerge yourself in the atmosphere of this magnificent island. You have to discover it slowly, appreciating  every single flavors of its corners. 

    Visited places

    Day 1-7
  2. from Capri to the Realm of Aeolus

    from Capri to the Realm of Aeolus

    From the beautiful island of Capri, we will reach the Realm of Aeolus, the archipelago of the Aeolian, and its guardian, Stromboli, an active volcano since thousands of years which has kept the title of “Mediterranean Lighthouse”.

    There will be a free visit of Lipari, the largest island of the Aeolian. 

    Visited places

    Day 8-14
  3. from the Aeolian Islands to the Aegadian Islands

    from the Aeolian Islands to the Aegadian Islands

    Leaving the wonderful Lipari, we will sail along the Sicilian coast, exploring the natural beauties of this Island of Sun.

    We will reach the Aegadian archipelago and its largest island: Favignana, often defined as “the large butterfly on the sea”. 

    Visited places

    Day 15-21
  4. from Sicily to the Feacis' Island

    from Sicily to the Feacis' Island

    Departure from the amazing Sicily, direction the welcoming Feaci's Island, where Ulysses was warmly received and provided with a boat to return to his home land. This island, today called Corfu, is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. 

    Visited places

    Day 22-31
  5. from Corfu to Ithaca

    from Corfu to Ithaca

    Like Ulysses in his journey, we will end our trip in Ithaca, a very famous island for its involvement in the legend of the Odyssey, but also rich in antique history, illustrated through the archeological evidence found all over the island. A trip to Ithaca is a dream for lots of travelers and sailors who wish to discover mythological sites and live the incredible legends that made them famous. 

    Visited places

    Day 32-33