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Matteo Miceli | Offshore sailing school Class40

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Italy, Riva of Traiano - Yacht: Class40 / Patricia II ITA86

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This course can be defined as a 4-day "full immersion" into the great off-shore sailing world and a "pre-master" experience before tackling the ocean. Not at all a leisure cruise for unskilled sailors, this cruise will make you navigate for 4 days and 4 night, whatever the weather, in the central Tyrrhenian sea, departing from Riva di Traiano, Italy.

Only 4 people will get on board wach time with Matteo, following a program which is defined depending on the crew's skills and weather conditions, deciding which route to take and the targets that everyone wants to achieve. The crew will be able to gain the necessary skills to sail in all safety both by day and night, for the maintenance and preparation of the boat tackling abd weather and managing unforeseen events, emergencies and the most frequents breakdowns at sea. They will also be able to improve their techniques for a correct regulation of the sails and for managing mooring and unmooring in challenging conditions.

After spending 4 days on a real regatta, you will be much more prepared to tackle the sea in difficult conditions.

You'll sail on board of a Class40 on Thursdays from Riva di Traiano and you'll have the chance to board on Wednesday nights and disembark on Monday mornings.

By taking part in this offshore sailing school you can contribute to Roma Ocean World project.

What to bring:

  • Waxed jacket
  • Sleeping bag
  • Boots (two pairs of sailing shoes are better)
  • A pair of shoes
  • Two pairs of trousers
  • Two heavy sweaters
  • Socks (at least two pairs)
  • Optional: linen (not recommended)

It might be useful to bring some plastic bags for wet clothes.

We recommed to avoid hard bags, a waterproof bag is recommended.

Please keep in mind that: it is a good idea to have a change of clothes ready. It's easy to get soaked on the boat due to sudden storms, waves or other reasons.

Being wet during intermediate or cold seasons is not comfortable nor advisable, so you must be able to wear something dry as soon as you arrive or have finished some difficult maneuver after alternating on the round deck.

Personal belongings: everyone has their own health needs or habits.

Some things you must not forget:

  • Medicines for personal needs
  • A small personal kit for small medications (there is anyway a small mandatory first aid kit on board)
  • Eye glasses, reading glasses and most of all sunglasses

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