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Sailing cabin charter holiday in the Aegadian islands | Sicily cruise on a sailboat

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Italy, Trapani - Yacht: Sun Odyssey 45

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Are you looking for a brief holiday in June, right at the beginning of summer? We suggest a cabin charter sailing holiday and cruise on board of a Dufour 455 or Sun Odyssey 45 in the fabulous Aegadian islands, gems of Sicily and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as South Italy.

The Aegadian islands, wild and full of history, are sorrounded by a crystal clear sea lapping little white beaches and jagged coasts, in which deep caves carved into the stone open up, among caper plantations, fruit trees, vineyards and rare Mediterranean plants. The archipelago includes three main islands, Favignana (the island in the shape of a butterfly and landing port of legendary Ulysses), Levanzo (the smallest and wildest of the Aegadians which holds a jewel besides trekking and sea excursions: the Neolithic paintings of Genovese cave), Marettimo (green and mountainous, full of springs and spectacular marine caves) and two huge rocks, Maraone and Formica. The Aegadian islands host the largest natural marine reserve in Italy and a careful and conscious tourism. Here, still nowadays, the traditional slaughter is celebrated as a ritual and together with the exceptional sea bottoms, the numerous historic findings and the beauty of pristine nature, is an evocative feature that will leave you breathless.

The charter cruise will cover the following destinations:

  • Favignana: With its 19.4 sqkm and its 3500 inhabitants, it's the largest and most populated island of the archipelago. It has the characteristic shape of a butterfly, the eastern part of the island is the flattest and most populated. The Greeks called it Aegusa, the modern name comes from "Favonio", the west wind.
  • Levanzo: Rough and rocky, it's the smallest among the three main islands of the archipelago. Full of caves, Levanzo is famous for Genovese grotto, which was discovered in 1949 and hosts pre-historic graffiti bearing witness of human presence on the island dating back to over 10,000 years ago. Levanzo's sea bottoms are really spectacular for their beauty and for the variety of marine wildlife.
  • Marettimo: Marettimo is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea. The island is actually a mountain of dolomitic origin, whose highest peak reaches 686 meters. An excursion on the island offers the sight of woods, cliffs and extremely beautiful views.

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  1. JUNE 1

    JUNE 1

    Check in will start between 5 and 6 pm. Since most of the guests will arrive at Trapani airport in the late evening we will welcome you on board with a basic galley. This way we won't waste much time the following morning to go shopping for food and drinks and allow to enjoy your holiday from the start.

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    Day 1
  2. JUNE 2

    JUNE 2

    In the morning departure to Marettimo. This island is green and mountainous, full of springs and spectacular marine grottoes and has two imposing rocks in the sea: Maraone and Formica. Diving lovers can explore the numerous marine caves sorrounding this peaceful paradise. Marettimo is dominated by a tall mountain with rocks that are similar to those of the Dolomites rising above the turquoise sea. Evening on the island, dinner at leisure in a restaurant, meeting after dinner for a music party in a bar in front of the marina.

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    Day 2
  3. JUNE 3

    JUNE 3

    Morning excursions to Marettimo caves that are approximately 400. Departing from the marina and sailing north you find Cammello cave where you can enter with the boat and reach the pebble beach at the bottom. Then it's on to Punta Troia, past the promontory, another stop is possible at Tuono cave, in the northern coast ending with Punta Mignone.

    Here the winding and charming landscape of the western coast begins with its numerous grottoes and coves, with high rocks rising above a deep and clear sea: Cala Bombarda with the cave with the same name and Grotta del Presepio where stalactites and stalagmites, eroded by wind and sea, have shapes that recall a crib, Cala Bianca dominated by Capo Bianco, Grotta Perciata.

    In the afternoon we'll sail to Faviganana mooring at the marina or in a cove. Favignana is the butterfly-shaped island, landing port of legendary Ulysses. Here everything is related to the sea, the ancient traditions connected to tuna fishing make it a popular destination for those who love this fish.

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    Day 3
  4. JUNE 4

    JUNE 4

    Around 1 pm all the yachts will meet up in front of Favignana port for a little funny race. In the late afternoon the boats will enter Marsala port where places for them have been reserved. Countess Donna Fugata is waiting for you at 7.30 pm in her mansion; we recommend punctuality!

    Get ready to spend a magical, unforgettable, unusal night in this place suspended between ancient and modern. The night will include a visit to the winery with tasting of the wines of the famous factory and a dinner in the barrel room with typical Sicilian products and a Sicilian water-ice at Corso bar.

    Menu: Local starters - Fish cous cous and vegetables- Selected cheese - Cold cuts - Fresh fruit - Ricotta desserts - 4 selected wines.

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    Day 4
  5. JUNE 5

    JUNE 5

    Navigation to Favignana or Levanzo which is the smallest and wildest island in the Aegadians. Here there are no roads nor cars and the Mediterranean perfumes are very intense. In the late afternoon return to the base in Marsala or Trapani: transfer to Trapani Birgi airport.

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    Day 5