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Sailing regatta trimaran Carthago Dilecta Est 2015 cabin charter

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Italy, Rome - Yacht: Multi 50 Trimaran

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The Carthago Dilecta Est is an historic regatta on the route of Roma - Hammamet. It is the classic event of the beginning of August and it consists in 350 miles along the Tyrrhenian sea in order to arrive to Hammamet passing through the strait of Sicily and touching the Aegadian islands and Pantelleria.

Live the experience of a sailing race on board of the 50 -foot multi trimaran.

At the end of the regatta will be available to partecipate to the Tunisie Sailing Week that propose again the Yasmine Cup from Hammamet to Lampedusa and to the fantastc Palermo - Montecarlo.

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