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Sailing catamaran charter cruise | Ponza & Ventotene

Sailing holiday in catamaran - Cabin charter - Italy, Ponza - Yacht: Flash

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Are you looking for a sailing charter cruise in spring or early summer, maybe in May, June or July, or in September, to avoid the August crowds? We suggest a beautiful sailing cruise in the Pontine islands, in Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea, aboard gigantic catamaran "Flash".

Normally Flash is already in Ponza and can be reached from Anzio, Formia and Terracina. In case of group holidays it's possible to plan boarding in Anzio with the skipper, or else in Circeo or Formia, easily reached from Rome Termini after a one hour and 20 minutes trip by train. The Pontine islands, an archipelago of volcanic origine, are in the center of Tyrrhenian Sea, in front of Latium coastline. The archipelago is made up of  Ponza, Ventotene, Santo Stefano, Palmarola and Zannone (the last three are uninhabited). Over the weekends, on Fridays and Sundays, you can visit Ponza and Palmarola.

Here are the recommended destinations for your cabin charter cruise and sailing holiday in the Pontine islands:

  • Ponza: Ponza is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations due to the beauty of sea bottoms and the nightlife. The coastline is almost rocky everywhere, steep and jagged, alternating with few splendid beaches. The bottoms are full of marine flora and fauna and the colors of the sea become extraordinary in different periods of the year. This together with the natural features, the island's history and the nightlife make it a very sought-after destination.
  • Palmarola: Palmarola is undoubtedly to be appreciated for its solitude, the silence and marvellous transparent deep waters. The island is now a protected natural reserve. In its bays it is possible to savour the unmatched charm of nature, enjoy a daily stop, maybe a night in a cove with a refreshing swim in the morning.
  • Zannone: The island of Zannone is the northenmost of the Pontine islands and the third last in extension (0.9 sqkm) in the archipelago (the smallest islands are Santo Stefano and Gavi). Home to a Cistercian Monastery of which important ruins remain, it was once inhabited only in the summer by the two guardians of the lighthouse, situated in the northenmost tip of the island (Capo Negro). Later the lighthouse was automated, making the the presence of the two guardians unnecessary. Since 1979 the island has been part of Circeo National Park, due to its natural relevance. The island can be visited but staying overnight is not permitted.
  • Santo Stefano: Santo Stefano is a small island which, just like the rest of the archipelago, has a volcanic origin and a round shape with a diameter of less than 500 m and an area of around 27 hectares. Presently the island is uninhabited, but it can be visited by sea. The only building on the island is a prison (the "circular building") with 99 cells, built during the Bourbon period (approximately 1794-95) by Ferdinand te 5th and in use till 1965.
  • Ventotene ( at least 4 days - 3 nights): Ventotene is the smallest inhabited islands of the Pontine archipelago, halfway between Ponza and Ischia. The island is extremely peaceful and far from the city chaos, totally immersed in natural beauty and sorrounded by a crystal clear sea. The ancient Roman Port, with its pier and bollards excavated directly in the volcanic rock, is an unmissable destination.

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