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Sicily Aeolian Islands Cabin charter cruise | Panarea to Filicudi

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Italy, Tropea - Yacht: Bavaria 46

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A "short" 4-day and 3-night sailing cruise in the splendid archipelago of the Aeolian islands, Italy, in the Mediterranean sea (both cabin charter and whole yacht options are available).

Defined as the "seven pearls of the Mediterranean sea" for their unique charm, the Aeolian islands were declared Unesco Heritage Site in 2005.

Panarea is the smallest but also the most popular with young people and offers a pretty good nightlife, enjoying drinks on the terrace of the bars of the harbor at dusk is extremely pleasant. Those who reach Vulcano on holiday must dive for at least one minute in the natural hot mud lake. 

Lipari, the largest, is called the white mountain because it is made from pumice, a stone that floats in water. Salina is the island that fascinated Massimo Troisi and the charming location of the Italian movie "Il Postino". It si also famous for its capers and the production of Malvasia, the "nectar of the gods".

Stromboli looks like a huge black plumed giant, when the sun goes down you can see the flame of the volcano and the lava eruptions that often descend along Sciara del Fuoco to the sea, a unique spectacle in the world. Alicudi and Filicudi, the oldest islands, places of extraordinary beauty, are in fact unspoiled, with very few tourist resorts and facilities, and are a true paradise on earth.

Mainly visited by people who want to relax as much as possible while enjoying unique landscapes on a vacation or sailing cruise, they have maintained their natural integrity over the years.

Come discover all their beauty with this sailing cabin charter holiday.

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