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Indonesia, Bali and Lombok | Cabin charter sailing cruise

Sailing holiday in catamaran - Cabin charter - Indonesia and Bali, Benoa Marina - Yacht: Lagoon 400

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Indonesia boasts more than 13,000 islands, gaining the record to be the largest archipelago in the world. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and it is considered a real earthly paradise.

During the cruise you will explore and enjoy breath-taking places, as Lombok. It is a town characterized by different sways perfectly interwoven, as Balinese, Chinese and Arab influences. It is a town rich in charm and traditions.

Then, you will discover Gili Islands, some of the most beautiful islands. They have long white sandy beaches lapped by emerald sea, where it is possible to practice every kind of watersports or admire the amazing undersea life, full of colourful fishes.

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  1. Benoa Marina - Sanur

    Benoa Marina - Sanur

    At 5:00 p.m. embarkation at the Benoa Harbour Marina.

    Then, we will sail for about an hour to reach Sanur beach. It is an amazing beach long more than 5 km on the east coast of Bali.

    Before having dinner, we will take part in a safety briefing. Night at anchor off Sanur.

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    Day 1
  2. Sanur - Nusa Lembongan

    Sanur - Nusa Lembongan

    In the morning we will sail to Nusa Lembongan, Mushroom Bay, unofficially named because of the mushroom corals in the reef. It is famous for its brilliant white sandy beach.

    The people, who live here, are mainly Hindus who manufacture traditional wooden boats and cultivate algae. Then, the tour continues with a short sail to the south to reach the "Manta Ray" bay, where it is possible to practice snorkeling.

    Finally, we continue to anchor for the night in Cenningan channel.

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    Day 2
  3. Nusa Lembongan - Gili Islands

    Nusa Lembongan - Gili Islands

    Early morning we move to the Gili Islands. They are three tiny islands with amazing white sand beaches, studded by coconut trees and lapped by crystal-clear waters: a real paradise.

    In the south of Gili Meno there will be time available for snorkeling and to discover the island. It is the smallest of the three islands, very calm and friendly. You need only two hours to go around it by foot. Here it is possible to visit the turtle sanctuary with its little pools on the beach, teeming with baby turtles.

    Gili Islands are surrounded by coral reef which provides colorful undersea world with turtles, manta rays, clown fish, and several other fishes.

    Gili Air was the first island to be settled by fishing families. Here it is possible to enjoy the most beautiful beaches and the snorkeling areas of Gili group.

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    Day 3
  4. Gili Islands - Senggigi

    Gili Islands - Senggigi

    Today we will sail to Senggigi, one of the most suggestive destination of our trip, located on the west of LombokSenggigi provides spectacular landscapes with large bays studded by coconut palms. Moreover, thanks to its crystal-clear sea rich in colourful fish, it is also a wonderful snorkeling spot

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    Day 4
  5. Senggigi - Gili Nanggu

    Senggigi - Gili Nanggu

    In the morning, we will sail to the island Poh for snorkeling and then to Gili Nanggu. It is a small island off the west coast of Lombok characterized by lush and verdant vegetation.

    Here we will have time available to enjoy the beautiful sea and explore the area where we will spend our night.

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    Day 5
  6. Gili Nanggu - Gili Gede

    Gili Nanggu - Gili Gede

    Continuing towards the southwest coast we visit other beautiful places for snorkeling. This coast boasts pristine and untouched beaches, little offshore islands in the crystal-clear blue water, pearl farms, old mosques and friendly people.

    We will spend the night off the island Gede.

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    Day 6
  7. Gili Gede - Palau Serangan

    Gili Gede - Palau Serangan

    Today we will reach Nusa Penida, more precisely Crystal Bay. It is a beautiful beach located on the north coast. Here time seems to have stopped, in fact, it is possible to see people living according to old traditions. We spend the afternoon in this small and peaceful bay lapped by turquoise water. It also boasts the whitest sand beach of Bali and one of the best snorkeling places.

    In the afternoon we sail to the lagoon of Pulau Serangan, where we will spend the last night on board.

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    Day 7
  8. Disembarkation


    Early departure from Pulau Serengan to reach Benoa Harbour Marina. Upon arrival at the port, breakfast and disembarkation at 08:00 a.m.

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    Day 8