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Sailing charter cruise in the Cyclades | Greece sailing holiday on a Bavaria 45 in a flotilla

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Greece, Athens - Yacht: Bavaria 45

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Come and discover the sea of ​​Greece and the Cyclades islands, pearls of the Mediterranean, with this cruise and vacation in a flotilla, a sailing charter on board a Bavaria 45 or other similar-sized yachts in August, 1 or 2 weeks at your choice. The Cyclades archipelago consists of about forty islands, looking bare and rocky but fertile and verdant inland, emerging from the Aegean Sea. The boat is the best way to discover them one by one, in a succession of golden beaches bordering the crystal clear sea alternating with beautiful cliffs.

During your sailing holiday and charter you can explore the most beautiful islands, after departing from Athens. Just left Piraeus and rounding Cape Sounion, dominated by the temples of Poseidon and Athena, here we are in the open Aegean sea, famous for its clear blue waters and the Meltemi, sailors' favourite wind.

Here are the islands that you will see in your charter cruise and sailing holiday:

  • Kea: The northernmost island of the Cyclades, Kea is the "beach" of the Athenians who, in addition to the beauty of the coastline, enjoy its bare hills, seemingly arid, which hide the fertile valleys full of fruit trees, almond trees, oaks, olive trees. Here you will find many important archaeological sites and interesting monuments, including the Lion of Ioulide, carved on a natural rock in the First archaic age.
  • Kythnos: The island is rich in natural beauty, low hills, golden beaches and charming coastal towns. The main centers, Dryopoida and Chora (Mesaria), both lying on the hills, maintain their traditional architectural style and the relaxed and homely atmosphere of the Cyclades unchanged, while the main attraction of the island is Lontra, a picturesque village famous for its thermal springs.
  • Sifnos: From Kythnos we continue to Sifnos, with its timid beauty but pure and attractive. Besides Apolonia, the capital located in the hills, the ancient village of Kastro and the Venetian citadel of the XIV century are worth a visit.
  • Kimolos: Far from mass tourism, the island has magnificent beaches, crystal clear waters and is ideal for relaxing holidays. Chora is its capital, where in addition to the archaeological museum, you will find a beautiful church with a blue dome and the old Kastro, built as a maze to confuse the pirates who, in the past, found a great hiding place in the many caves, some still unexplored and scattered on the island.
  • Milos: After Santorini, Milos is the most original due its landscapes among the Cyclades islands. Its jagged and irregular shape is the result of natural forces: volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and the constant action of the wind and sea. It's the main island of the archipelago. With over 70 beautiful beaches and bays, Milos satisfiies all tastes: sandy, rocky, pebbles or cliffs.
  • Folegandros: When seen from the sea, Folegandros rises like a plateau resting on the Aegean blue. Docking is in Karavostasi, the harbor with two houses and two sandy coves, placidly waiting for the few tourists who disembark. Climbing on rough tracks, or by taxi, you will reach the charming village on the plateau built in pure Cycladic style, entirely enclosed within an authentic medieval fortress.
  • Ios: To fully appreciate the traditional Cycladic character, you have to wander around the narrow cobbled streets between the whitewashed cubic or domed houses scattered in every corner and the archaic windmills. There are numerous restaurants, disco-bars, and taverns where to eat, sing and dance under the starry Mediterranean sky.
  • Santorini: Here is the Greece of the postcards! The cubic and white houses with doors and turquoise windows, as well as the domes of the churches that sprout here and there, characterize villages that open an amphitheater on the sea perched on high brown cliffs, revealing its volcanic nature. Arriving from the sea, the sharp contrast of its color and the beauty of the landscape will leave you breathless.
  • Microcyclades (Iraklia - Schinousa -Koufonisia -Kerosantikeros-Donousa): Small and beautiful "virgin" islands, the ideal retreat for those who search silence and tranquility. The wild beauty of the barren landscape, the rocks whipped by the sea, the rugged beaches are some of the aspects that make them so fascinating.
  • Naxos: Naxos, the largest and most prosperous Cycladic islands, is located approximately at the center of the Aegean Sea. Here nature reigns supreme: meadows ending in endless expanses of sand, rocks that plunge abruptly into the sea, rugged mountains next to golden beaches.
  • Antiparos: It's separated from Paros by a narrow strip of sea. Its golden sandy beaches, turquoise waters and a beautiful natural landscape are her business card. But Antiparos is, as the entire Greece, synonymous with history and myth. The capital, Antiparos or Kastro, is built around the original core of a medieval castle and boasts several archaeological sites.
  • Paros: Paros, the third largest island after Naxos and Andros, is a modern tourist center. With two natural harbors, the port and the island's capital (Naousa to the north and Paroikia to the west), overlooking the rugged coastline and gentle bays of Paros, inhabited since ancient times, it was one of the most important centers of the Cycladic civilization. 

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