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Ionian Greece cabin charter cruise on Oceanis 46 | North Route

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Greece, Lefkada - Yacht: Oceanis 46

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Discover the Greek Ionian islands with a group of friends. This amazing cruise among the Greek islands on a sailboat (North route) offers you the chance to enjoy one or two weeks (including the South Route) between marvellous sea and beaches. Aboard an elegant Sun Odyssey 45 or other class Large boats such as Oceanis 46, or Sun Odyssey 44 with four cabins and two toilets, or a Bavaria 46 with four cabins and three toilets, you'll have time to relax, dance, swim, sing and jump.

Mondovela FUN! will accompany you aboard its floating village, immersed in magical atmospheres and crazy sensations. One or two weeks' party on the waves with over ten boats always sailing together, discovering a new dock every day and a sea of friends every night. Splendid sailboats to move from one beach to another in one of the world's most beautiful seas, forming a big single floating island at sundown and letting the party begin. 

The typical day includes a lunch break and a night stop, swimming in the sea, sunbathing in remote protected bays and funny sightseeing in the local villages. You have never tried sailboat? This is the perfect way to start! An itinerant holiday to discover a new island every day, guided by an expert staff who will make you live an unforgettable experience.

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  1. Lefkas


    Boarding and galley in Lefkas, our departure port, very close to the coast to which is connected by a bridge. Lefkas is a mountainous island, full of vegetation and varied landscapes. The real surprise is on the eastern side: charming Nidri harbour, sorrounded by an archipelago of islets full of cypresses and olive trees. 

    From here you can climb Vliho fiord or stroll among the small islands that magnate Aristotele Onassis, Jackie Kennedy's second husband, bought in the Seventies.

    Visited places

    Day 1
  2. South Skorpios and Meganissi

    South Skorpios and Meganissi

    Today we'll stop in South Skorpios and Meganissi, beautiful quaint islands of Lefkas archipelago. From above Meganissi looks like a huge half moon, sorrounded by blue water.

    Visited places

    Day 2
  3. Ithaca


    Today you'll reach Ithaca where you'll enjoy a swim in the crystal clear water, among white beaches and sheltered bays. When you see the profile of the island on the horizon, your mind will go back to school days and the myth will come to life: Ulysses is there. Like all Ionian islands, Ithaca is sweet, with small dark islands, sorrounded by restless sea and characterized by cool and never too hot weather.

    It's like reaching a deserted fiord with transparent water in August: the ideal place to arrange a floating party in perfect FUN! style. The town of Vathi, with its red roof houses, is located on the extreme side of Molos bay, one of the best places on the island and is sorrounded by jagged bays perfect for diving into the crystal clear sea. 

    Visited places

    Day 3
  4. Cephalonia


    Today you'll hoist the mainsail departing from the South of Ithaca sailing close-hauled to Cephalonia. You'll spend the night in Fiskardo, the gem of the local nightlife and the northernmost port on the island. The village still maintains its traditional characteristics; arriving from the sea, the small port greets sailors with restaurants, inns and small typical shops.

    Its coasts have picturesque bays with golden sand or glimmering pebbles and steep cliffs lapped by the crystal clear water. In this beautiful landscape the vast gulf of Lividi, sheltered by the winds, and the small communities of Sami, Assos, Aghia Esimia and Myrtos stand out. 

    Visited places

    Day 4
  5. Atokos


    Today you'll reach Atokos and enjoy a "Silent Night" under the stars. 

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    Day 5
  6. Kastos


    Today you'll arrive in Kastos where you'll enjoy a regatta and a cocktail at the village mill. 

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    Day 6
  7. Meganissi and Lefkas

    Meganissi and Lefkas

    Today you'll stop in Meganissi and Lefkas. You'll enjoy a special night in a secret unforgettable location. 

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    Day 7
  8. Lefkas


    Today your cruise ends. Landing in Lefkas is due before 9 am. 

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    Day 8