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Greece | Rent a luxury boat or cabin to Cyclades and Dodecanese | July from Kos island!

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Greece, Kos - Yacht: Oceanis 523 | Queen II

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THE UNKNOWN ISLANDS OF  NORTH AND SOUTH DODECANESE ( more sometime Turkey and Cyclades )

Wonderful sea, archeology, volcanoes and mysticis

Amazing sea, archeology, volcanoes and mysticism  Δωδεκάνησος or "the 12 islands" which are actually about 200 islands and islands!
Some are so small and distant among them that they have remained almost untouched over the centuries.
Greeks, Byzantines and Turks have left fascinating traces of archeology while architektonic style has been marked by Italian taste, Symi will remind you of the charm of a village on the Ligurian Riviera! The Turkish coast will be a wonderful discovery for the incredibly turquoise sea, the fascinating archaeological sites of the Gulf of Didima, the tranquil rhythms and out of the world of small, almost strange but wonderful countries like Selimiye and Bozburun!

You can choose between two sailing itineraries to discover these incredible, beautiful islands ...

For sailing cruises with the Dodecanese North and Turkey (Golfo Di Didima) itinerary
Boarding and disembarking from Kos
July  (from 30 June to 7 July and from 21 to 28 July)

Dodecanese North and Turkey (Gulf of Didim ) : Unforgettable islands, turquoise sea and tranquil sailing.  
Kalymnos is the island of sponges and breathtaking cliffs. The views are wasted: blue sea, magnificent rocks and wonderful oleanders dotted with color all over the coast. The bustling Pothia, colorful and animated, the remote village of Emborios, the pure Mediterranean, and the charm of the fishing village of Vathi makes it a seductive and never-awaited stop!
Leros is not very touristy and very Greek. The rationalist architecture of the fascist century, blended with the fishermen's faces, the windmills, the magical village of Pandeli and the beautiful bays attract the true connoisseurs who recognize this still unkempt island, the genuineness and vitality of the places still not contaminated by large tourist flows.
Small and shiny Lipsi. Extremely transparent balconies, sleepy rhythms and the small, authentic, marina where everything happens, have made it an unmissable destination.          
Mystical and worldly Patmos.
Difficult not to succumb to the charm of this wonderful island. The chora, sophisticated and worldly, and the monastery of St. John, isolated and impressive, are worth the whole trip. It's hard not to fall in love with the extraordinary light of this island as famous as it is discreet in its elegant beauty.

Arki and Marathi among the smallest islands of the whole of Greece, only 50 souls inhabit these small paradises. An escape from reality, the spectacle of nature and a tavern of fresh fish from a real pirate ...
Gulf of Didima the flavors of the Ottoman world with the purest colors of our Mediterranean ....
The Gulf of Didim is the ideal retreat in case of strong winds or adverse weather forecasts, wonderful sea, isolated bays and archaeological sites (Ephesus and Didim) that will leave you breathless!

For sailing cruises with Southern Dodecanese route and Turkey
Boarding  and Landing from Kos (July)
Boarding and Landing from Rhodes(August)

July (from 7 to 14)
August ( 11 to 18 and 18 to 25)

 ​Dodecanese South and Turkey (Gulf of Bozburun and Selimiye)
Volcanoes, stunning sea and unique landscapes!  
Selimiye and Bozburun where time has stopped and the color of the sea will enchant you ... Two enchanting villages, quiet and quiet. Rich in charm and cultural and gastronomic traditions.  
Symi architecture and style .
The colorful and symmetrical houses on the harbor, the refined boutiques, the scent of thyme and baked bread, the elegant boats sailing on the pier all over Symi is seductive and fascinating, the incredible turquoise bays surrounded by majestic dry, arid hills and Panormitis monastery isolated and gorgeous ....
Chalki silence and color
There are no machines in this atoll that looks at Rhodes, just a marina that looks like a painting, a wonderful sea and a silence that regenerates!

No nature, beaches and delicious food It is not so well known Tilos and it is a pleasure to discover a nature reserve that is an ornithological paradise, hanging walks between sky and sea and a quiet atmosphere inviting you to taste the fantastic local cuisine, the most renowned of the Dodecanese, in the characteristic and authentic taverns of the marina .
Nysiros volcanoes and postcards.
Sunny and friendly, impresses with its crater immersed in spectacular nature and surrounded by villages where time seems to have stopped. Shepherds and fishermen are the soul of this small but incredible island full of character and hospitality.

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