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Ulysses Route | Mykonos - Bodrum | Sailing cabin charter cruise | Stage 4

Sailing holiday in catamaran - Cabin charter - Greece, Mykonos - Yacht: Lagoon 440

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The fourth stage of the "Along the Ulysses Route" cruise, from Greece to Turkey, from Mykonos to Bodrum passing through Paros, Iraklia, Koufunissia,  Denusa and Amorgos.

"Along the Ulysses route" is the result of years of sailing along the Mediterranean routes. These routes touch many of the most beautiful destinations of the world. The cruise is a mix of vacation, culture, history, sea, sun and why not, also food and wine.

Enjoy the reading of the description of stages, resorts and sightseeings included in the "Along the Ulysses route" sailing cruise.

A unique sailing cruise, in order to taste all the flavor of the history and the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Along the Ulysses route

We will travel for two months along the same route traveled by Ulysses for years. We will sail on board of a comfortable catamaran equipped with all comforts and a video-library related to all places that we will visit.

We will sail together for over 1200 miles, touching almost all the original landing of Ulysses. For geopolitical and marine weather reasons we chose to start from Sardinia. We will start from the Maddalena Archipelago (Land of Lestrygonians), that is made up of seven main islands: La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Budelli and Santa Maria, all characterized by a natural landscape of great beauty and embellished by the rich colors of one of the most beautiful sea areas of the world.
From Maddalena we will set sail towards Ventotene, and leaving behind San Felice Circeo and the Cave of the sorceress Circe, we will cruise to the famous Mermaids Island, where as Homer tells in the Odyssey, Odysseus had to resist to the song of these mythological creatures.
We will continue to Amalfi (Land of Cyclops) the oldest Italian maritime republic and one of the most beautiful places in the world thanks to its clefts, wonderful beaches, beautiful caves and the scent of lemon and olive trees. Then, sailing till the Aeolian Archipelago (The palace of Aeolus) with its attendant Stromboli, an active volcano that has earned the nickname of "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean".
We will cross from Sicily to the mythical Ithaca in Greece. Ithaca is a popular island thanks to the legendary tales, told in the Odyssey, but it boasts an ancient history that can be lived through archaeological finds existing on the island.
Passing through the Corinth Canal and sailing counter of Ulysses, that passed from Cyclades to reach Alexandropoulis (Land of Cicones), we will arrive to Cyclades. Then, pushed by Meltemi we will lead to Bodrum in Turkey. This town is placed a few nautical miles far from Troy (departure city of Ulysses), currently defined Truva, the legendary city mentioned by Homer in his epic tales; built on 9 levels it is a witness of a long and ancient history.
On board you will be pampered by our hostess while the comfortable navigation of the catamaran will take you along the routes and stages of the cruise.
Areas boasting historical and archaeological sites will be destinations of shore excursions with professional guides, but it will not lack a visiting to places where we could know the local culture of the local people enjoying typical food products.


Cruises of the "Along the Ulysses route"

You can choose to travel the entire route of Ulysses and sail with us for 60 days, otherwise sailing:

for one of the stages of 30 days:

for one of the 4 stages of 15 days:

The crossing from Messina to Cephalonia is included in programs but is not mandatory. It is a real offshore sailing of more than 250 NM, we suggest this crossing only for those who really want to try the emotion of a day and night offshore sailing.

Visited places


  1. From Mykonos to Paros

    From Mykonos to Paros

    Paros is one of the most picturesque islands of the Cyclades thanks to its architecture, the shapes of its buildings and the unique traditional style that is harmoniously linked to the neoclassical influences. Concerning history, the Archaeological Museum of Paros is located to Parikia. The museum boasts significant archaeological finds that come from excavations conducted on the island and on the nearby Saliagos.
    Among the most interesting pieces there are: the headless statue of Demeter, a monument gravestone representing a seated woman that was carved in the 7th century BC, a Roman mosaic depicting Hercules during hunting, a bas-relief depicting the Archilochus poet (6th century BC), the statue of Victory of Paros (Niki, the 5th century) and carved sarcophagi of the Hellenistic period (2nd century BC).
    The most important piece of the museum is the chronological map of ancient Greek history, covering 1318 years.

    Close to Naoussa there is the beach of Kolibithres, popular for its rocks, imaginatively carved by water and wind.
    Paros is full of beautiful beaches, each with its own specific characteristics: Livadia, Logaras, Mikro Piperi, Santa Maria, Megalo Piperi, Pounda, Piso Livadi and Krios.
    One of the most popular beaches is Monastiri, which every year attracts many visitors due to its crystal clear water, the beach cafes and the opportunity to enjoy water sports.

    Visited places

    Day 1 to 4
  2. Paros - Iraklia

    Paros - Iraklia

    We'll discover places where older people do not speak foreign languages and where it will seem that the time has stopped when the comforts of modern life did not exist and the benefit of the true and authentic flavor of life was the most important thing. Luxury, glitz and glamor do not belong to these places, that are now also chosen by young people who want to discover their origins.

    Iraklia belongs to the archipelago of the Small Cyclades, a group of four islands located southeast of Naxos and northwest of Amorgos. Small Cyclades are a real treasure not yet discovered. They offer to their guests the old Greece, characterized by few services, crystal clear water and beautiful beaches.

    The only means of transportation on the island are your the legs. We will live together the authentic Greece.

    Visited places

    Day 4 to 5
  3. Iraklia - Koufonisia

    Iraklia - Koufonisia

    On Monday after breakfast we will set sail to Koufonisia.

    Whether the sea will be flat we will stop in the coves in order to swim. After that we will moor in Koufonisia, one of the last uncontaminated paradise of Greece.

    The afternoon  will be devoted to visiting many rocky clefts, swimming  and fishing.

    Visited places

    Day 6 to 7
  4. Koufonisia - Donoussa

    Koufonisia - Donoussa

    If weather conditions permit, on Tuesday our journey continues towards Donoussa, an island of the Small Cyclades surrounded by cliffs and islets and popular for its quiet moorings and its beaches.

    Donusa is a little and welcoming town surrounded by clear and trasparent waters perfect for swimming and relaxing.

    Visited places

    Day 8 to 10
  5. Donoussa - Amorgos

    Donoussa - Amorgos

    On Wednesday after swimming and breakfast, we will set sail to Amorgos.

    We will have lunch on board close to a little church placed on the water.

    We will employ almost half an hour to reach and anchor to the small port of Katapola. The wait, however, will be rewarded by an unmissable tour of the island where we will visit the famous Byzantine monastery of Panaghia Chozoviotissa which was completely dug in the rock.

    Our sightseeing will continues to Chora, built close to a Venetian castle. Then we will arrive to the north part of the island where there's the picturesque Egiali, made by three little towns and popular for its sandy beaches.

    During the low season, when the temperature is moderate, there's the possibility to walk along the tracks overlooking the sea. There you can enjoy of the natural landscapes characterized by an incredible beauty.

    Visited places

    Day 11 to 13
  6. From Amorgos to Bodrum, the last stage

    From Amorgos to Bodrum, the last stage

    The last stage of our journey of Odysseus, more than 1,200 miles in the history of the Mediterranean, a journey inspired by Ulysses, the mythological hero.

    We will arrive to Bodrum in Turkey, the land of the departure of the first and original journey of Odysseus from the legendary Troy which, in fact, is placed a few miles from Bodrum.

    Visited places

    Day 13 to 15