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Atlantic ocean sailing crossing cabin charter | west to east and east to west

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - France, Saint Martin - Yacht: Sun Odyssey 51

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April 25th Ocean crossing from Saint Martin to Malaga WEST-EAST in two stages:

The real Atlantic crossing, the West - East crossing, for true passionate of offshore sailing. It's an hard stretch due to the weather conditions that limit the activities on board; but this crossing surely will give to you big emotions in cabin charter.

We will set sail from Martinique, small but wonderful caribbean island that you will love thanks to different reasons, from its natural beauties to the tasty local cooking, in order to reach the extraordinary archipelago of Azores. 9 emerald islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Postcard landscapes and an hard navigation for the passionates of sports sailing and oceanic crossings.
Azores Gibraltar Malaga:
With this 10-day ocean crossing, you sail in the Atlantic Ocean, starting from the enchanting Azores Islands, a true naturalistic paradise, then arriving in the Mediterannean, through the Strait of Gibraltar, and arrive in Malaga.10 days of navigation to discover Unspoiled natural landscapes, indescribable beauty, and enjoy a gentle sailing on a comfortable and fully equipped cruise boat.

NOVEMBER 25th Ocean crossing from TENERIFE to MARTINICA ABOUT 20 DAYS:

Ocean crossing the ocean will be your sea to land in the fantastic Martinique Caribbean from Spain Tenerife.

Cruises are open to anyone, even those without experience. You will find that living on a sailing boat is as pleasant as it is easy. The ocean crossing is the unforgettable experience for every sailor.

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