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Raffaella and Giovanni sail together. They met thanks to the passion for sailing. This passion brought them together, their sailing dreams took shape many years ago, along with their story as a couple. He is from Livorno and she is from Rome; thus they had to commute for a long time, up and down the Via Aurelia, with the island of Elba as a meeting point and basis for their boat "Obiwan", an Etap 39s.

Work and family have kept them each tied to their city for several years before they could realize the great dream of every sailor: "the voayge around the world". In the space of six months Raffaella left her job in the office and moved on board. Giovanni already lived there for more than half of the year, so he took leave from his yoga students and his shiatsu clients and Obiwan became their home.

In June 2015 the couple left for the great adventure. Summer was spent among the beautiful islands of the Dodecanese in Greece, but the real start was on September 2, which, besides being Giovanni's birthday, was the day on which they gave up the moorings from the port of Nisyros and turned the bow toward the west. Since then, destinations have flown: the limpid and clear water of Kithera, the charm of Malta and Valletta, Marsala, Carlisle, Mahon, Ibiza, Cartaghena, Almerimar and out of the Strait of Gibraltar, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Martinique and then the whole of the Caribbean.

Anyone who wants to hear their story can climb on board with Raffaella and Giovanni and enjoy a sailing week, with yoga, fun and great food.

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