Brindisi is the capital city of Apulia, it is located close to the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

The city had an huge importance in the past, due to its position and the relevance of its port on the Adriatic Sea, it played a considerable role in culture and commerce. It is also known as the "Gateway to the East".

The landscape is characterized by low and sandy shoreline and ample lush flat area, that offers a suggestive view, thanks to the mosaic of colours providing by the vegetation.

Brindisi offers one of the main natural area of the region: the WWF Oasis of Torre Guaceto. The area is perfect habitat for many animal species, as snipes, ducks, nightingales and amphibian and marine plant species. Not-to-miss places during your visit in Brindisi are the Egnazia Archaeological Park, that presents proofs of the Roman age; Cisternino, the capital of the Itria Valley, that offers a suggestive landscape made of little white houses located in typical alleys, their balconies are adorned by colourful flowers; the Castle of Oria, built in 13th century.

Beyond the cultural attractions, suggestive landscape and beach-life, Brindisi offers to its tourist the possibility to be an active part of the city, thanks to the local folklore events. In fact especially in summer, the city is rich in popular events.