Carlo Venco

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Carlo Venco, the skipper of Ipanema III, was born in Vicenza. His passion for sailing began during teenage and became his job in 1982.  

He can boast more than 40 Atlantic Ocean crossings and he is an expert of the Mediterranean and Caribbean sea. In 2014 he completed the voyage around the world which lasted 4 years. In his free time he loves to fly with a glider.

He is undoubtedly one of the top 5 Italian ocean skippers. Carlo boasts more than 300.000 sailing miles.

Qualifications :
Italian boat license with no limits and with commercial driver qualification
Yachtmaster offshore with commercial RYA/MCA qualifications
Yachtmaster Ocean with commercial RYA/MCA qualifications
International fire escape qualification, overboard man Rescue, first aid.

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