Peter Clapp

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Pete is from the UK, born and raised in a seaside town at the mouth of the River Thames in South East England. Growing up next to the sea, he soon developed a passion for water activities and became particularly proficient in kayaking. He then taught canoeing in France, leading groups and instructors on the River Ardeche, and joined an expedition kayaking from Switzerland to England, crossing one of the busiest shipping channels in the world.

A highly experienced and qualified Captain, Pete sails on board Kings Ransom. He has sailed extensively throughout Europe & the Mediterranean, North America and the Caribbean, including skippering his own yacht from the UK to the British Virgin Islands.

Niki is a member of Pete's crew, she is from the UK and grew up in East Anglia. Growing up on a farm, she developed a passion for the outdoors and her adventurous spirit led her to travel and work throughout Europe, USA and the Caribbean.  Her sailing life started with dinghies and her love for the purity of the sport soon led to the purchase of a small cruiser, which, a number of years later, turned into a 43 foot sailing yacht called home. 

Niki’s endless passion for food has been encouraged by her experiences travelling and her love of entertaining. Since settling in the British Virgin Islands in 2007, she has proven herself as a successful chef aboard several yachts. Niki’s menu reflects her careful use of fresh, local produce creating dishes full of flavor and skillfully served from the galley of Kings Ransom. 

The first mate of King Ransom is Daniel, who has alwayd been involved in water sports and roller hockey. He circumnavigated the globe with his family and developed his passion for sailing the 7 seas. He completed his Yacht Master in 2011 and started his yachting career with an Atlantic crossing to the Bahamas. Daniel thoroughly enjoys his work and all kinds of water sports. 

Martina is the stewardess: she was born and raised in the land of the brave “Namibia”. After meeting Daniel in 2009, her passion for sailing, water sports and discovering the world began. Their adventure started with an Atlantic crossing in 2011, ever since they’ve been sailing the seas. Martina dearly enjoys taking care of guests, their needs and their comfort.

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