Andrea Pestarini

Andrea Travel expert

Andrea Pestarini sails since he was young.
In 1992 he took part in the competition Colombiadi and won his category.
In 1994 he gained the second place in the Atlantic rally A.R.C.
In 1995 he brought Mai Stracc, a Westerly 36. It is the turning point, the moment in which Andrea started to live the sea not only as passion, but as choice of life.
In 2002, after 15 oceanic crossings, he sailed through Pacific Ocean which amazed him. This is why Andrea decided to discover the South (40 south) with the Australian winter, and then the North (62 North). He moved from Thailand to Japan from which he decided to reach Alaska, where Mai Stracc knew icebergs.

He is always searching something new, different and real, sometimes it has been discovered in French Polynesia atolls or in Marshall Islands, or mirrored in the ice. This is the real essence of this travel. With more than 4500 NM alone, Andrea went from Tahiti to Chile and then, together with Chicca, his wife, he sailed along the chanels of Patagonia. In Ushuaia Andrea trained in order to realize his big dream: Antartica by sailing boat, a trip undertaken in Januray 2011. After having discovered Maine, on the East coast of USA, Andrea and Chicca went to the far north.

In 2008 Andrea wrote his first book and in 2012 the second.
Now Andrea and Chicca are again in New Zeland, Polynesia and Alaska.


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