Gianluca Coratti

Gianluca Travel expert

Gianluca, born in 1973 and raised on the seashore in Calabria,  has been fond of sailing since his childhood.
Very early he began to try his hands at boards and sails, his mother encouraging his interest into whatever was moved by the wind, so that wind-surfing dinghies and catamarans became his favorite toys.
He has competed in F18 and Laser Standard class regattas for several years and then moved to bigger boats. The idea of long distance journeys attracted him and led him to sail throughout the Mediterranean sea.
A professional photographer and founder of ImgLab communications agency, he cannot stay away from the sea, hence he created the sports association AddWind, investing all of his resources in it to pursue his dream of sailing at all costs.
He is a man of few words who loves sailing at night. He explores the Mediterranean Sea with his lifelong friend Sergio: it seems that both of them cannot take peace on land.

One of his favorite quotes is: “There are few men who can treat the sea like a friend, but none of them does”

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